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Bring the charm of Possum Ranch into your home. 


Scott Drake is a native of St.Louis Missouri and grew up loving the outdoors. He has spend much of his childhood and life hunting ducks at a special place... Possum Ranch. Nestled on the junction of the Missouri and Illinois Rivers in the small town of Portage Des Sioux, Possum Ranch is the home to many of Scott's fondest memories. He has always said that Possum Ranch is unlike anywhere else in the world and through the highs and lows of life he is constantly inspired and humbled by it. Scott wants to share a bit of Possum Ranch with everyone through his art. He also finds inspiration in New Orleans, where his roots began, and in his love of cooking and being a chef. After many years of his daughter telling him to share his art with the public...we are finally here! "I love art ! I have enjoyed it my entire life....seeing it, making is a part of all of us. It is an expression of your person, and we all enjoy an individual and unique experience when we see it. I enjoy making many different styles of art. I hope you enjoy as well."